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Welcome to the new home of The BMX In Our Blood.  A love for the BMX community and the characters that make it special have inspired show host Joe Doherty to bring these people and their stories of a life behind bars and beyond a place to be heard. Now, we have created a place for friends, fans, and first-timers to connect with and support the show.  You can listen to, download and subscribe using your preferred media using the buttons below. If you would like to support the podcast, please donate or check out the shop for the latest TBIOB gear. 


News & Updates

The #FindYourFightJam weekend is almost here.  Check out the finalized flyer and event details on the main page. We look forward to seeing everyone out there. Check out the sponsor list and support them when you can. Raffles and auctions on the day of the jam will benefit the Robinson family. If you cannot make it, you can donate using the button on our homepage. Find YOUR fight and make a difference!


Episode #45 - Colton Civitello has been a little bit of a mystery to me because we only see each other a few times a year at events and haven't had the time to get to know him. Now I have! So interesting to hear how Colton balances his time between his full time job as a machinist and his part time job as a rider for multiple trick teams....and his hobbies of working on his off road trucks and riding quads. I especially loved that he doesn't consider himself a trails guy even though he rips through some of the hardest trails and contest lines. His specialty is park and he is great at it. He has spent lots of time at the Incline Club before it's closure. If you ever want to book a show for an event or a school program you can contact:

Episode #44 - After a wild few weeks leading up to the #FindYourFight Jam, the dust has settled and Joe got a chance to head down to the beach and have a conversation with two of my favorite hometown dudes, Russ Barone and Kenny Hirsch. I've known these kids a long, long time and have seen them do it all. I am personally stoked to listen to this one ASAP. -Brian

Episode #42 - Information about the upcoming #FindYourFightJam and a brief history of the past 5 years and the jams and event that have been put on to benefit some of the best in BMX. 

Episode #41 - Chris Hallman; These days he is rooted in midstate NY as a carpenter and caring for the most important priority of his life, his daughter Sylvia.  Chris still actively rides and at 46 is riding at a level to be proud running shoes. You will hear that story in this episode. So unconventional sometimes fits as a description of Chris but so does cancer survivor, depression survivor, great father and good friend to many. Enjoy the episode and give him a shout on IG at @hallperson to let him know how much you appreciate him - Joe

Episode #40 - Joe talks to BMX industry mainstay Matt Coplon, of Profile racing among many other things.

Episode #39.2 -Part 2 of the Steve Crandall interview covers a lot of topics in-depth. As always, it's worth the time to listen. Grab a coffee and take it in!

Episode #39 - Part  1 of Joe's sitdown with FBM's Steve Crandall dives into FBM history, Steve's backgound, his announcing gig and more. Steve is about the most BMX as a person can be. Enjoy.

New Episode #38 Part 1 is up with Garrett Byrnes. This is the most impactful interview I have recorded yet. Such a great conversation that I broke the podcast into two parts. Don't miss this one. Real life, real talk. 

New Episode #37 is up with Dave King of Dirt Sculpt LLC. Dave is currently rebuilding and adding tons of BMX and MTB features and courses at the Powder Ridge Bike Park in Middlefield, CT. This also happens to be the site of the Find Your Fight Jam on July 29th! Great listen about Dave's riding history and business.

New Episode #36 is up with Pauly "The Pirate" Cvikevich. We talk about where BMX has brought Pauly throughout his youth and as an adult. These life experiences have brought Pauly to a project of getting bikes to the kids of the Kenyan community that he visited earlier this year. Amazing. I have no doubt he will get it done!

New Episode #35 is up with the International Man of BMX Mystery, Mike Savage. Nearly a 40 year veteran of BMX, Mike talks about his quest to race every track in the country as well as lots of stories of international travel to race around the world.

New Episode #34 is up with the Women of BMX. So much insight from a group of determined women having the time of their lives riding trails. The bond they have formed is so great to see with BMX being the center piece.

New Episode #33 is up with the main diggers of Catty Woods in Catasauqua, PA Chris Janis and Andy Schwartz detail what it's like to run one of the most popular trails in the Country!

New Episode #32 is up with the Potoczny brothers, Mark and Mike. Staples of the Pittsburgh BMX community through the Welcome Jam and the Wheel Mill, these two are amazing!

New Episode #31 is up with Trey Jones, professional BMX rider and creator of the hugely successful Swamp Fest event in Florida. Lots to sink you teeth into here!

New Episode #30 is up with VANS director of global director of merchandising, Sean Methven. If you love BMX and how BMX businesses tick, you will love this one!

Next Generation Jam, Podcast # 29 is up now. Joe interviews a variety of young riders that came out to ride. Over 200 riders under the age of 16 showed up and had a great time. Thanks to The Wheel Mill along with all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped make this such a great event for the younger generation of BMX riders coming up.

New episode is now up. #27 w/Gary Young talking with Joe at the Wheel Mill during their 3 stop Odyssey, Sunday, QBP tour w/Chris Doyle sitting in.

New episode is now up. #26 w/Full Throttle Mike Cottle discussing the salt and the sugar of his BMX experience.

Check out our new page for the annual fundraiser. This year it's the Find Your Fight Jam to benefit the family of Kevin Robinson.

New episode is now up. #25 w/Brian Kachinsky speak with Joe during the recent Winter Welcome Jam at the Wheel Mill about his Uncovered contest series and more.

New episode is now up. #24 w/John Paul Rogers talks about his 30+ year BMX history with Joe at this years' Swampfest jam.