Welcome to the new home of The BMX In Our Blood.  A love for the BMX community and the characters that make it special have inspired show host Joe Doherty to bring these people and their stories of a life behind bars and beyond a place to be heard. Now, we have created a place for friends, fans, and first-timers to connect with and support the show.  You can listen to, download and subscribe using your preferred media using the buttons below. If you would like to support the podcast, please donate or check out the shop for the latest TBIOB gear. 

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News & Updates

Next Generation Jam, Podcast # 29 is up now. Joe interviews a variety of young riders that came out to ride. Over 200 riders under the age of 16 showed up and had a great time. Thanks to The Wheel Mill along with all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped make this such a great event for the younger generation of BMX riders coming up.

New episode is now up. #27 w/Gary Young talking with Joe at the Wheel Mill during their 3 stop Odyssey, Sunday, QBP tour w/Chris Doyle sitting in.

New episode is now up. #26 w/Full Throttle Mike Cottle discussing the salt and the sugar of his BMX experience.

Check out our new page for the annual fundraiser. This year it's the Find Your Fight Jam to benefit the family of Kevin Robinson.

New episode is now up. #25 w/Brian Kachinsky speak with Joe during the recent Winter Welcome Jam at the Wheel Mill about his Uncovered contest series and more.

New episode is now up. #24 w/John Paul Rogers talks about his 30+ year BMX history with Joe at this years' Swampfest jam.