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News & Updates

Episode #84 - There are not many people that fit the title of BMX Legend and All Around BMX Rider as well as Jason Lonergan of Posh Woods. He just so happened to have earned the title of NORA Cup Trail Rider Of The Year as well, a huge honor. (Thank you @ourbmx and @bmx for keeping it going!)I'm extremely fortunate to have had Jason (JBone) trust me with an interview that had both of us nervous prior to the recording and then found ourselves planning part two within the 1st hour of chatting away. I truly respect JBone with all my heart and couldn't be more proud to call him my friend. We just scratched the surface of international travel and the P.O.W. house after over 3 hours of amazing conversation so those stories will be covered in part two by year's end. Special thanks to each of you that left questions for JBone on my @gromdad2000 IG, @sterlachini for an amazing outline to help me from missing important stories from JBone, @brianiarocci for maintaining website and @nuno_oliveira for the podcast announcements and all of you that have supported the podcast for the past two years it has existed. I can't thank you all enough for being supportive and giving me your valuable time. Last but not least, thank you so much past and present interviewees for trusting me with your stories. Coming up next, @zachfullface and his story of 1/2 pipe craziness and persistence as he came through Connecticut last week on a couple month swing of ASA BMX shows at schools around the East Coast. Thank you @powersbikeshop for continuing to support the show as well. Between Chad Power's support and donations from you all through the website I am able to continue to march toward episode #100 of face to face conversations that are each amazing in their own way. Have a great week! Link to the podcast is in my profile. #bmx #bmxpodcast #poshwoods #noracup Sorry for the crickets! Didn't realize how loud they would sound! You get used to it. -Joe

Episode #83 - The 3rd annual Women's Weekend In The Woods was a huge success! This is the 2nd Women's Weekend that I have been at and recorded for longer than I ever have because each woman and young lady had such interesting stories outside of BMX as well. I found myself doing 20-30 mini-podcasts! The event was filled with riders from all over the United States and Canada that came for the two day event that started at @cattywoods on day 1 and finished at @poshwoods on day 2. I apologize to anyone I didn't get to for this episode! I missed a bunch that I will get to next time for sure! I kept going going until dark because I just love meeting people and learning about them. Thank you for having me and trusting me with your stories ❤️Congrats to @ladyteeth @justtracey811 @tjl_photo and more for making this event continue to thrive!
📸 by @bdc4130 @doleckivisuals @mo__malone Podcast announcement by @nuno__oliveira Flyer artwork by @rubberbandrea #bmx #bmxtrails #bmxwomen #thebmxinourblood Big thanks to @powersbikeshop @powersbmxmuseum for continuing to sponsor the show and @mo__malone @pearlgutter @swantzdude and more for helping me breakdown and load up the podcast booth! Link to the podcast is in my profile 👍- Joe

Episode #82 - I can't put all of the fun I had this weekend into words. Mike Gentilcore of @tra.bmx put the world on notice. You can build and do anything you can dream of into reality. His event (Double Cross Dirt Comp) was amazing on every level! My original plan of interviewing racers in-between races didn't exactly stick because when you go to events like this or a trails jam you experience a reunion. New friends were undoubtedly made as well. Check the #trabmx tag for pictures and video that finish painting this audio version of the event. You will hear so many different voices in this episode but without name introductions at times because I was so into the vibe of this event that I forgot to introduce some of them to the listeners! So anyhow, enjoy the podcast and congratulations to Vic Behm (@vickbehm) for winning the 20" wheel division and Nick Fix (@fick_nix) for killing it in the 26" wheel division!
Definitely find TRABMX online and find a way to donate so we can continue to have a successful race to go to every year. Link to the podcast in my profile. #bmx #bmxtrails#bmxracing Look for video coverage on and on the @scottycranmer YouTube channel among others! -Joe

Episode #81 - The real Adam 22 @ademgunaydin met up with me a couple weeks ago up at Catty Woods before we headed over to the Posh High Air contest (Episode #80). I've had a gut feeling about Adem for some time since meeting him at the Wheel Mill during the 2nd stop of the Uncovered BMX indoor park series in Pittsburgh, PA a little over a year ago. I'm a huge proponent of using those first years of being an adult to figure out what you want out of life. It's tough! It is easier when you don't conform too early. Everybody is different but I believe that taking chances and really exploring life's options is huge. So many people learn this unintentionally through any of the BMX disciplines because of the experiences BMX can take you on. It's an adventure that truly makes the journey complete. Listen closely as Adem describes his trip through his early 20's so far. Thank you Adam for taking that chance to say hello and talk about how The BMX In Our Blood encouraged him to unlock himself from the grind.
Next up for the podcast, the @tra.bmx race on September 21st! Hope to see you all there and be sure to come say hi! Thank you once again to @nuno__oliveira from @odysseybmx for making the podcast announcement! - Joe

Episode #80 - Spontaneous podcast recording can be difficult when trying to cover a lot of mini-interviews that describe the event. With that said, the Posh 25 year anniversary with the high air contest was amazing and worked out! I say do it no matter how uncomfortable you may feel getting into the conversation groove, it always works out! This one has lots of rider/spectator interviews (starting in the parking lot!) as well as interviews with the couple of the guys that make this possible, @jbonebmx and @tra.bmx Congrats to the high jump top three - 1st @credence_bikes, 2nd @brianfoster and 3rd @codydiggs It was a great comp. In between the interviews during the comp I recorded the atmosphere during the event to give you all the sounds of riding with fans shouting their approval with the best heckler/stoke master announcer around, the one in and only @crandallfbm Good times!
Until next time be safe and enjoy the ride. - Joe

Episode #79 - I am such a fortunate man in the world of BMX and life and I don't take it for granted. I was able to interview Ian the Incredible last night, son of @brett24d I was able to gift him a signed @elitomac jersey, it was awesome. His favorite pro motocross racer. I'm going to try to post Ian's #thebmxinourblood podcast tomorrow. To interview a 9 year old that just completed his 7th run of chemotherapy...that was heavy. Turns out Ian was comfortable with me so although the podcast is short it is jammed with PMA. I really love this kid. To be in any child's life at this age is so amazing. Anyway, the BMX god must be guiding me to situations I can handle. The 1st picture is of Ian and I showing off our gorgeous domes. Mine is a story for another day. Thank you Dave at the Bridgeport ferry to Port Jeff where I met Ian last night. Swipe left for the jersey pic. #bmx#dogoodfeelgood #pma#cancersurvior

Episode #78 - I loved this interview for so many reasons. Lori Armistead of @Road2Recovery is as passionate about helping others as I am. I'm certainly the watered down version of Lori (quote stolen from Garrett Byrnes) and love to hear how and what other individuals and non-profits are doing on a larger scale. So for this unique podcast, that coincided with our #road2recoverjam on July 21st, I broke the #thebmxinourbloodinterview into before and after. The was like hovering over hell wrapped in aluminum foil with the heat and humidity but we all did it! Even the campers and the outdoor movie attendees had a great time on Saturday night. It was truly the most fun to interview Lori on Saturday (pre-jam) and then post jam to get a gut read on how Lori and Road2recovery felt about the event. Lori's reaction is a compliment to all of us BMXers. It came out great! Just listen and enjoy. Thank you to all of the sponsors, volunteers, attendees and @powderridgepark staff for dealing with the long hours of heat to take care of all of us while we did our thing, ride and raise money!
If you weren't able to go you can still help by donating to this incredible cause in these ways.... (Lori) is the contact person and the website as a place to donate. Plenty of other options as we have event shirts available as well. Just select a short sleeve podcast t-shirt on the website with a note giving your size and your request of a Road2recovery event shirt. Big thanks to @powderridgepark for the use of your amazing facility and staff!

Episode #77 - An informative jam preview while giving anyone that is coming a little extra information about exactly what we have going on. Anyone that's on the fence should make a plan to come out, there is something for everybody. With or without a bike. Definitely a one of a kind jam that you won't forget! This is a quick snippet of @dirtsculptllc talking about the jump line build that he, along with @willblount and @hans_gogan , built up for us this past week. Thanks guys! It's an awesome jump line that is rideable for most trail rider levels.
Some quick requests. I am looking for a lifeguard for the lake camping and a band to play up at the jump line! Other than that, leave a comment here if you are available to volunteer that day or send a direct message to me please! Thank you! Swipe left for more info. #bmx #bmxpodcast #bmx#dogoodfeelgood #swipeleft#dirtsculptllc Thank you @tjl_photofor again doing such an awesome job on the flyers that continue to evolve as more people get involved every week with donations. -Joe

Episode #76 - Bryan Close is a departure from the norm for The BMX In Our Blood podcast. Bryan is as passionate about so much in life that takes him out of what most would consider their comfort zone. From the challenges of being a street vendor to finding his way around a foreign country, Bryan takes on what most of us wouldn't normally do. So in between all of this, Bryan loves BMX. Racing, trails, street, park...he does it all. I honestly don't know how he does it. I've dragging my feet in getting a passport since I let mine expire, after listening to Bryan I am going to get it done. So enjoy this discussion about BMX, sociology and making a living and come out of it with less fear and more ambition to challenge yourself. You can reach Bryan through or for the most amazing shirts and for copies of his books. If that isn't enough, watch for an upcoming Northeast centered BMX zine called Battle Books! 📸🙏 by Brett, @dallasmtb - Joe

Episode #75 - I 1st met Aaron Simone (@aaronfallsalot) when he was 16 and really coming up. I was struck by his politeness and respect. He also has a kind soul that, as you will hear, recognizes the potential of kids that are just getting into BMX and encourages them the best he can. What I most like about Aaron is his determination to travel and experience everything he can by living in a minimalistic way. So chances are pretty good you have met Aaron around the US if not overseas, if you haven't, look him up! Always a pleasure to see you Aaron, keep it going. Thank you Chad @powersbikeshop for the continued podcast support. #bmx#connecticut Link to the podcast is in my profile 👍 Jump pics by @ridetyrant Thanks Anthony! -Joe

Episode #74 - The Wheel Mill has been around for what seems like years and years with the amount of work that you see in every room of this Pittsburgh indoor bike park mecca. I've conducted so many interviews in various spots within the building with the most amazing people as they rolled through town. Gary Young, Brian Kachinsky, Mike and Mark Potoczny, Tom Dugan, Mike Cottle, Nina Buitrago, Sean Methven, Trey Jones, Isaac McCrea, Chris Doyle and the kids of the past two Next Generation Jams. I've also been fortunate to interview The Halahan's, Mason Ritter, Murphy Moschetta and Eric "Zoo" Miller outside of The Mill although they are each a big part of the park. This time I had the fortune to talk with the key people of The Wheel Mill, Harry Geyer and Mike Potoczny. As you will hear, these guys are passionate about their job and compliment each other so well. The Wheel Mill just celebrated their 6th year of public use but what many don't know is how much farther back Harry's passion for the park goes. Listen all at once or in chunks but don't skip through, there are lessons after lessons and then there are actual lessons! You can find The Wheel Mill on most media platforms as or @thewheelmill 
Thank you Harry and Mike as well as all of the Pittsburgh cycling community for being involved in one of the best indoor parks in the world. The link to the podcast is in my profile. #bmx #thebmxinourblood #indoorbmx #pittsburgh #yinz #thewheelmill

Episode #73 - If there is one BMX rider that is living his life the way he wants to it's@mason_ritter. This guy rides like an absolute animal and has a heart of gold. It's no wonder@condorbmxHoffman Bikes chose him to be on the team a few years ago. What a great choice and one that seems to fit right in with the rest of the team. This podcast is a little different than any others I have recorded because during the course of the podcast Mason gave me a tattoo while answering questions, not an easy task! Freehand too! If you don't follow me on IG at@gromdad2000I'll let you know right here. The tattoo is a phrase, Make A Difference. It is very meaningful to me for reasons that my listeners may understand. Try putting it in action if you aren't already making a difference in the lives of others in any way, shape or form. I think Mason makes a difference. Thank you Murphy Moschetta for taking pictures of the podcast in action. You can find Mason at@mantistattoo@thewheelmilland@pbrbikeas well as East Coast BMX shows.

Episode #72 - Episode #72 of #thebmxinourblood found me in Pittsburgh interviewing during an after work dig session at the Monroeville Trails where you can find everyone in this podcast at one time or another. The interviewees, Zoo (@eambmx ) and @murphyleemoschetta as well as @twlyons and @chris_doyle22 . Chris helped me out big time by sitting in and guiding the questions a bit while I was floundering more than usual! On that topic be sure to give Chris Doyle's @palaver_bmx podcast a listen. He is 5 episodes in and giving us all some great content to listen to (and watch on YouTube). So back to the podcast, Zoo and Murphy are a few of the amazing Pittsburgh riders and they really stick out to me because of their dedication to BMX and the Pittsburgh scene. Thank you for the time and hospitality guys, much appreciated. Here is the list of BMX podcasts that I mentioned in the intro that you may be interested in. Some are occasional and some are frequent but they all have something to learn from. 
Palaver - @chris_doyle22 
Coffee Chatter - @tnyhaug49 & James Palmer - Joe

Episode #71 - One of my favorite events of the year, the Next Generation Jam. This was the 6th annual NGJ and it was awesome. The announcement photo is one that I'm particularly grateful for, @krobjrbmxSo happy he made it out to the jam! I'm fairly certain he won "best trick" in the woods room (simulated trails made of wood). Most importantly the Rhode Island native was smiling non-stop making mom proud! He was a great interview too! Not only did the Halahans, the Wheel Mill crew and @michaelpotoczny put on another great event but the sponsors were awesome. I have to imagine that each 16 and under rider went home with something. On the sponsor level, Subrosa and Shadow were represented by the man himself, Ronnie Bonner! His involvement and concept are talked about in this podcast and it is cool! Vans also sponsored big along with G-Form as the other title sponsors as well as Jaunt, Kink, FBM, Square One, Joyride 150, S&M, Profile, Inkdivision, QBP, Woodward, Fit, Morpheus, One Feather Press, Pro Bike Run, Over The Bar cafe, and Cinema. Enjoy the sounds of the future, things are looking good! #bmx #bmxpodcast#thebmxinourblood#nextgenerationjam #thewheelmill 📸 by @murphyleemoschetta@irodetoday and many more! Link to the podcast is in my profile! Thanks to @nuno__oliveira for the podcast announcement! - Joe

Episode #70 -Jerry Badders of Vans! Having not seen Jerry in over 20 years, I didn't know what to expect. Lets just say that @vansjerry was very very confident years ago. Jerry was a successful BMX racer (a World Champ in BMX racing) that rode for Vans as a sponsored athlete and transitioned into a leader of Vans marketing for North America. That takes confidence channeled in the right direction and he has done it! Jerry has also done so much with Vans events that makes my head spin. Jerry's determination is nothing short of amazing. #bmx#bmxpodcast #thebmxinourblood#vans #vansbmx #vans Podcast link is in my profile Thank you Jerry for trusting me with your story and making the time  - Joe

Episode #69 - The Fids. I think that some of us get to the point in life that we start live the way we want to, not the way we are told to by our peers and society. That point in life for Fids came early on. At the age of 11 he was already going where he wanted to for BMX and skating. Through elaborate schemes and lack of technology in his childhood home, Fids found a way. As I took the trip down the Fids memory lane I heard so much of him taking on challenges that most wouldn't. The Nitro Circus mega ramp came to England last year when Fids was almost 49 and he sweet talked his way on to the 63 step climb to the top and let go. If you haven't seen the video go to @thefidson IG and find it. Not only did he session it for 20 minutes but the Nitro crew ended up asking him to be part of the show! This is much of how Fids has lived his life. The podcast starts off with a few minutes of Leland Thurman, Fid's best friend in the U.S., because I just had to know about the tattoos each of them have of each other on their ass cheeks (swipe left). It's a site to behold. The podcast was recorded at Swamp Fest last weekend and was worth every minute. You can find Fids at The Source at night giving lessons or anytime on IG and Leland @shitluck on IG. 
Enjoy and don't hold in the laughter, it's just too good to be true and it is very true! #bmx #thebmxinourblood#bmxpodcast #notawanker #thefids#lelandthurman

Episode #68 - Here you go, the Jimmy Levan (@levanjimmy) documentary interview! The podcast was recorded the morning after the Go Fast Pull Up premier on Friday night before Swamp Fest. Not my best work with the questions but still amazing to hear the behind the scenes talk about this piece of BMX history. The documentary was awesome. Do yourself a favor and order a copy from or The documentary is so well done. The bonus of the included book makes it even more worthwhile. Thank you to Chris Rye for sitting in on the podcast and Jimmy Levan for giving us the time. Also, thank you to Vans and Dig BMX for supporting the huge effort that Chris Rye (@realpropsbmx) put into creating a documentary that will stand the test of time. Be on the watch for Metal Bikes soft goods that Jimmy will release over time along with the chance that he starts Metal up again. 
As always, thank you to Powers Bike Shop (@powersbikeshop) in Richmond, VA as well as my friends of the show, @nuno__oliveira of @odysseybmx and @brianiarocci for helping with the podcast announcements and website. Premiere photos 📸 by @digbmx#bmx #gofastpullup #swampfest#jimmylevan #propsbmx 

Episode #67 (John Lee Part 2) - John Lee (@popboy905) the nicest guy in BMX becomes one of the most dry guys in BMX as we finish part 2 while the rest of the guys got the trails running. It will be of no surprise to any of you that listened to part 1 that part 2 was just as heartfelt. We spent some time on topics ranging from John's Long Island days, Oak Park Trails, his smoothie diet, the Dwarf Invasion radio show and interviewing with @moeller_chris prior to taking the job at FBM BMX (@fbmbikecompany) for the past 13 years. It was really interesting to hear John talk about the challenges of working in a small business and how it affects life decisions as it goes through peaks and valleys. If you haven't met John, put it on your must do list. You won't be disappointed. You can find John Lee at FBM or on IG. 
You can listen to John's radio show streaming on WHRW.FM.ORG
You can find Part 1 on your favorite podcast player site, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn or on

Episode #66 (John Lee Part 1) - After a much needed 1 month break I chose to restart #thebmxinourblood podcast with a guy that so many respect so much, @popboy905 (John Lee). I'm currently editing so here's a little taste of what you will hear. This @gregoryrdickson question was hilarious and accurate 😂The interview with John was so good that we agreed to split it into Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 will be recorded in two weeks and will cover all of the IG questions you all put in. I should have Part 1 in your ears on Monday night! Thank you for listening! Swipe left for a picture of John in his library of music and holding a @circuit_bmx_shop Anchor @fbmbikecompany frame being delivered to @nick_cappy_ Such a rad looking frame! #bmx #bmxpodcast #fbmbikeco - Joe

Episode #65 - The Colby Benoit podcast! Psyched that I can shine some light on Colby and his #rideeverything mindset. Colby has ridden BMX plenty over his 25 years and does all disciplines really well. 
I'll never forget him landing a 180 rollback on the last set during the jumping contest my annual fundraising Find Your Fight jam at Powder Ridge in CT. He later blew my mind watching him kill it at the DIY World Champs at Powers Bike Shop in Virginia. He ended up with the gold brick (cinderblock). It's guys like Colby that give me hope for the future of BMX in Connecticut.  Thank you Powers Bike Shop for continuing to support the show and all of you around the world for listening to your average Joe.
Enjoy Colby Benoit!
Link to the podcast is in my profile or wherever you get your podcasts.
Pics by @p.m._prod Thank you! - Joe

Episode #64 - Vic Behm, wow. If there is one personality that I have interviewed that is ridicuosly skilled on the bike, brash to the BMX establishment and extremely confident, it's Vic Behm. He has definitely made his mark on BMX, like it or not. I say this because he isn't trying to be part of the BMX establishment. He is showing us how non-conforming you can be and still be part of competition. Anyone that has been in BMX for a bit remembers some of the most entertaining non-conformers (Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Terry Tenette, etc.) You may notice during the podcast that the one thing that I just don't understand is how USABMX can suspend someone without explanation and a time frame before Vic can race again. If it were me, I would lawyer up ASAP.

I want to be clear here, I'm not condoning Vic's actions or any of the actions by the parties involved. Somewhere in-between is the truth. What I'm simply saying is that USABMX should explain why and how long the suspension is for. Pretty simple, unless you don't have a clear case along with witnesses and a police report. Whether you approve of Vic's actions or not, this is no way to handle the situation. Cult, Vic's sponsor, is as anxious for a ruling as Vic is. While they wait they lose opportunities to promote their BMX racing division. At the root of this Cult is a business and USABMX should never suspend without a process that includes all of the necessary information needed to satisfy everyone involved. I'm fully aware that there are two sides to every story, the details are of no interest to me. It's not my battle. Just give Vic and Cult the respect of a ruling so they can decide what to do from there.

As always, that you Powers Bike Shop for sponsoring the show and a huge that you all for the IG DM's that make all of this worthwhile. Also, thank you Robbie Morales at Cult supporting my fundraising efforts, always.

Episode #63 - Hector Restrepo (@terrebmx) is not just one of the raddest guys from Connecticut by way of Colombia 20 years ago, he has also accomplished his a dream of his of riding his motorcycle (nicknamed Gargoyle) from Connecticut to the most Southern point of South America (Cape Horn). Anyone that yearns to be a traveler and conquer what seems impossible, please listen to this podcast. Hector came from a dangerous part of Central America (Colombia) and has become a citizen of the USA. While I recorded this I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky we are as citizens of the USA. When you become so desensitized to murder on the streets of Colombia you really need to leave and that is exactly what Hector did. BMX is a huge part of Hector's life but just a piece, something he realized when he traveled over 23,500 miles starting on New Years Day 2018. It is simply amazing and such a great story of really discovering yourself through simplifying your life. All I can say is if you have a dream, go for it. We are only given one body, one life, as Hector points out.
Thank you Powers Bike Shop and online store in Richmond, VA for continuing to sponsor the podcast. Give Powers a shout for any BMX needs or to take a tour of the Powers Bike BMX Museum. Thank you Chad! @powersbikeshop and @powersbmxmuseum

Episode # 60 - Happy New Year! So many podcast interviews since I started with so many amazing people. Chip away at this "Best Of" podcast because the reward is worth the time. Bottom line, we need each other. There are most definitely jabs and laughs throughout but plenty of talk that many of us can relate to. Anyhow, take the time to listen and understand yourself better or be more able to help someone in your life. Enjoy Clean Slate Day! @suzukiricky4 @gbyrnest1 @t1stagram@crustbikes @mccreaisaac @cultcrew#cultcrew
Thank you all for your support along with @powersbikeshop bike shop, the official podcast sponsor. - Joe

Episode # 59.3 - (Part 3 of 3) Here it is, the final installment of the Massachusetts Trails Scene Report with the Pinewoods and Oakwoods Trails! The 3 part series covers six sets of trails spread out over The Bay State. The series was interesting to say the least because no two trails are alike. One thing was consistent though, every set of trails has diggers that are welcoming and determined. So much respect for these guys that dedicate so much time to their trails for the benefit of not just their crew but anyone else that has the passion to create and ride. 
As always, thank you for supporting the podcast. Much appreciated! Also, swipe left to see a piece of art gifted to me by @raysvoyage Amazing. #bmx#bmxpodcast

Episode # 59.2 - (Part 2 of 3) Massachusetts Trail Scene Report: This week's podcast is Part 2 of 3 of the Massachusetts Trails Scene Report. In this week podcast you will hear from Chris Traverse of the Sunset Ranch Trails and Dwayne Scruton of the MOD Trails. Each on the opposite ends Massachusetts. These two couldn't be more polarizing on the surface but carry the same passion. Next week, Part 3, Oakwoods and Pinewoods Trails. This has been a cool journey visiting these guys and learning what they go through each year, the good and not so good. Yet they survive! 
Once again, thank you Powers Bike Shop for supporting the show and helping it carry itself. or @powersbikeshop #bmx #bmxpodcast#thebmxinourblood

Episode #59.1 - (Part 1 of 3) Massachusetts Trail Scene Report: Trying something different for the next three weeks that I believe you will love. @derekwhips_oakwoods concept put into action! Pretty much the same 10-12 questions for each of the lead Trail guys with far different answers from each. I personally though it was so interesting how underground BMX Trails can be. As @vandeverhoman said in his interview with me, inline skaters are the most core people he sees out riding park. I was thinking the same thing when I visited a few trails that are private and only open to close friends because that is all they need for fun. No exposure, no recognition and no worry. Just having fun. So anyway, this weeks kicks off with the @tullyridge of the Tully Trails and @jay_bych of the GMT Trails. So different than each other but still so amazing in their own ways. Until next week, enjoy!
Once again, thank you to Chad at @powersbikeshop for supporting these missions up and down the East Coast!
Anyone interested in sponsoring the inadvertently fastest growing BMX podcast, please let me know! 
Two trails interviews posting next week!
Thanks for listening! -Joe
Episode # 58 - Brandon Christie

Episode #57 - I've always enjoyed interviewing long time BMX friends and brothers. They know each other well and push each other to keep the fire alive. Chris Hald and Bill Klein to do exactly that and are both extremely talented riders. So get your kids to bed or out of the car and hit this one hard! So many laughs that I quickly forgot about the bone fractures from an hour before we started. We had to get our laps in at Keyko and celebrate the birthday of John Skvarla! It's become an awesome tradition. Afterwards the guys chaired me out of the woods like pro surfers carry the winner out of the water, all the great friends made me feel like a brother, not a trail victim. They brought me to the Super BMX studio where we added to the history of John's studio by recording the 4th interview in this amazing space. Thank you all for hanging out and watching the podcast unfold. For the record, this is the first time I'm posting an interview with zero editing. I feel this one should be posted raw because it needs zero clean up. This is how the Level 4 crew works best! So enjoy and if you haven't yet found a friendship that is a real as this one, keep looking!
Once again, thank you Nuno Olivera for the podcast announcement, Brian Iarocci for the website work and Chad of Powers Bike Shop for the support. Support those that support good things. Check out for long sleeve and short sleeve shirts available to ship worldwide! Or you can donate to the podcast at any level. Thank you! - Joe

Episode #56 - The Powers Bike Shop episode was recorded at the DIY World Championships in Richmond, VA at Powers Bike Shop. I mention this because this is how BMX can flourish, bike shops being part of the community. Chad Powers is quite a success story. Always an entrepreneur, Chad has created a successful business because of his passion for the sport. Passion well beyond day to day business. Whether you see it in his passion for collecting BMX history or by supporting and facilitating BMX events, Chad is gladly committed to BMX because he truly loves it. If you ever want to see tangible BMX history, make Powers Bike Shop a destination in your travels. As you will hear in the interview, Chad has his mind set on preserving BMX history in a museum setting. I believe that once you are done with this interview listen, you will have confidence that it will happen. As always, support those who support the sport. 
Thank you Chad for supporting #thebmxinourblood Link to the podcast is in my profile.
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Episode #55 - If I was to make a list of the qualities I would look for in a friend @official_bigboy of the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel could check off nearly every box. In addition, Big Boy has completely transformed himself physically into the healthiest version of himself by dropping over 125 pounds (nearly 1/2 his body weight) by focusing on exercise and diet. Oh, and he can ride a bike better than most in the few short years he has been off the scooter. Front flip off of a building?! Yes. Flairs on command? Yes. Most importantly, a solid friend that would do anything for you? Absolutely. Most of you all know the Scotty Cranmer story but most likely not from his Big Boy's perspective. This is a part 1 of 2 podcast because Big Boy really wants to answer questions from followers the next time we meet up and I am all for it. So enjoy the podcast and think about what friendship means to you. You can find more about Big Boy by simply searching for the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel. 
As always, thank you to Chad at for sponsoring the podcast and Big Boy's sponsors and among others. Always keep an eye on Powers Bike shop for giveaways to loyal listeners. Just like and tag a friend! Podcast link is in my profile. Thank you @nuno__oliveira for the graphics and @wearecameramonsters for 📸 of Big Boy's lake jumping swan dive!

Episode #54 - Thank you Keith Mulligan! If you haven't said these words to Keith at some point, send him a message and do it now! Between being part of BMX for 37 years as a rider (and still going) and over 20 years in BMX media, Keith has touched all of us in some way. As a BMX friend, photographer, writer and mentor, Keith is amazing. All of that in addition to being part of Bikes Over Baghdad for years. Enjoy the podcast as he talks about all of it! Also, for another perspective and more information on the media side of BMX, give the High-Low podcast by @daleholmesracing a listen. Dale recently interviewed Keith Mulligan and it was great! #bmx #bmxpodcast #longisland#longislandbmx 📸 by @k_terra at the @darrenjmeenan Patio Trails and the @superbmx studio. Announcement graphic work by @nuno__oliveira 

Episode #53 - Clint Reynolds aka @credence_bikes I pushed to the point of annoying for this podcast with Clint 😉Sometimes that backfires and the interview isn't what you had hoped for any number of reasons. This was not the case with Clint at all. It ended up being an interview that I feel really good about. Part of the reason is you all, the listeners, who gave me plenty of questions to work with and Clint for keeping it relaxed. Thank you! 
Clint and I talked about all of the changes in his life this past year and how he has balanced it the best he can. Clint is such an amazingly modest guy that would clearly give you the shirt off of his back. Combine that with his mechanical intelligence, amazing skills on the bike and perseverance and you end up with an amazing private skate/bmx park at his house and loads of other of DIY projects. Oh, and he happens to think well under pressure when he finds a black bear in his bowl while giving me the tour! Thank you Clint for making the time for this old man fan of everything you do. 
Enjoy the interview everyone and thank you for the continued support and thank you @powersbikeshop for helping support the show and helping it move forward. Chicago soon? Maybe! 
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Episode #52 - Episode #52! One full year of weekly podcasts complete, hard to believe. Couldn't be happier to have @jamie_cooperellis as my closer for the 1 year anniversary podcast. He represents the exact reason of why I started the podcast, to highlight East Coast riders and give them as much exposure as possible. Jamie is no secret to the BMX world but the story he tells of farm life and how he overcomes the geographical challenges of being a successful rider living in the Northeast is pretty amazing. As always support those who support the sport and the riders. Jamie is on flow from Haro and @northeastbadboys so we know he doesn't really need the money! 😉Enjoy the episode and have a great week!  - Joe

Episode #51 - One more until our podcast 1 year birthday. When I 1st picked up on Satoski Enda I was so impressed with his dedication to BMX trail riding and building. I have been waiting until his annual trip to Catty Woods and Posh Trails so I could interview the original Trails Warrior. It was worth the wait because in the meantime he won the Ride BMX NORA Cup Trail Rider of the year just a few weeks ago! Very deserving candidate and grateful winner. Special thanks to @danruhe for opening your home to me for the podcast recording and supplying the IPA that mysteriously kept being replaced as each one was emptied. I think a certain Japanese friend of Satoski's was showing the respect that is part of Japanese tradition. Can't beat that but it might beat you! Thank you Satoski (@trailswarrior on IG) for giving the podcast a go even though you were concerned about the language barrier, you did awesome! As you will hear on the podcast I presented a repurposed NBL Christmas Classic trophy with a "Trail Rider of the Year" name plate on it that I presented to Satoski with a Japanese bow that was deep enough to make him an Emperor. If you want to see the award and the comical presentation look for the pics on my IG, @gromdad2000  Once again, thank you to @powersbikeshop for sponsoring the show. Be sure to follow the instructions at the beginning of the podcast to win a new seat compliments of Powers Bike Shop in honor of Satoski's legendary duct taped decade old throne that he has no intentions of replacing. Have a great week everyone! 📸 by @tjl_photo Thanks Tasha! Also, thank you @nuno__oliveira for working magic as always with the podcast announcement! #bmx #thebmxinourblood#trailrideroftheyear #satoskienda#trailswarrior - Joe

Episode #50 - Van Homan as my 50th episode?! Pretty cool! For this occasion @nuno__oliveira (of Odyssey) did a special podcast announcement using gold to honor the 50th episode, I am truly honored that Nuno has helped with the podcast graphics as well as @brianiarocci with the website! Anyway, 2 more episodes and I'll have 52 weeks straight of interviews! So back to Van, he has been so passionate, diverse and talented for years. And he just won the BMX Legend NORA Cup! In this episode Van talks about his big move to Japan for the next two years to work for the UCI on preparation for BMX in the Olympics. What a great choice. Van continues to kill it on the bike at 38 years old and works as a judge at UCI and other events around the world. We also talk about the success of the Uncovered BMX series this past winter with @bkachinsky For these reasons and more I believe Van will do an awesome job helping steer the ship for Olympic Freestyle and ultimately get more kids on bikes due to the huge Olympic exposure. Wish Van all the best as he takes on this job that gives him a great opportunity to use his experience with BMX to do the best he can. With over 25 years in the sport, I'm sure Van will do a great job. Please support Van's sponsors that support him and the sport!
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Episode # 49 - What a great day in Central Jersey interviewing and riding with Mike Maloney (@defconfour on IG) my good friend Don Bunnell (@donatdnt) for #thebmxinourblood . Mike is an awesome talent that works custom frame building into his spare time. He has produced some beautiful bikes including one we didn't get to talk about, a belt drive bike! Also cranks and hubs! Don sat in on the interview and talked history like only an old timer can ;) Look for the pictures on my @gromdad2000 IG account. So not only can he fab a frame really well but he can ride all wheel size bikes and well while testing. Anyway, this was just the kind of day I needed and came home from Central Jersey with a big smile on my face! If you have interest in a custom of any size you can message Mike Maloney on IG at @defconfour
Also, thank you Chad at for the continued support of the podcast. Much appreciated. Any other potential sponsors looking to be part of the podcast, let me know at or @gromdad2000 on IG. Swipe left to see different bikes in Mike's shop, the belt drive and the stainless steel bike with the integrated seek post!

Episode #48 - What a weekend with the induction of @brianfoster to the BMX HOF and Satoski Enda (@trailswarrior) as the Nora Cup winner for best trail rider. If you haven't listened to the BF interview do yourself a favor and do it. Perfect lead up to last night's ceremony. Also, Satoski will be interviewed in about 2 weeks!
I hadn't been to the @poshwoods High Air Contests and didn't want to miss this year! Glad I didn't! The low key @end.ever hit the high notes on his way to winning BOTH high air and best whip! Haven't seen that dramatic of a double since Todd Lyons reminded us again on IG of how awesome he is/was at the Orlando Worlds! Just kidding Turbo, you are the man and killing the goal of getting people on bikes. Much respect. So this contest report show has me meandering around the Posh trails and finishes with the opinion of @derekwhips_oakwoodsof the Oakwood Trails who watched it online and gave me his version of the wrap-up of the event since I didn't record one there. Thanks Derek! Be at Derek's Oakwoods Trails for their jam on 9/29 in West Brookfield, MA!
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Episode #47.2 - Brian Foster Part 2! If you liked Part 1 you will love Part 2. We talk about his HOF nomination, 6 month suspension, transition to full time trail and park riding, mid school track smarts and of course the rock in his life, Dr Jennifer Foster. We also touch on some of the strong characteristics of the Strelecki family that have driven his in-law family to success. Definitely an episode that I feel really good about. The next time you see Brian Foster, give him a high 5 for his determination, staying power and relevancy that he seems to have naturally along with a laid back disposition. Also, big thanks to (@powersbikeshop) for stepping up to sponsor the show, I'm extremely grateful for this. Having Powers partner as a show sponsor, along with a few more in the works, will allow me to take the show on the road even more and farther. I have some big goals that will happen! So please give Powers a shot when ordering online or at their shop, races and events like the DIY World Championships at Powers Bike on October 20th put on by and!
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Episode #47 - Brian Foster Part 1...who would have guessed anyone could nail down BF let alone for over 4-1/2 hours. I feel pretty damn grateful and honored. We talked about everything from family to education to BMX, of course. These interviews are pretty loose so it allowed BF to digress at will. That made the interview really relaxed to say the least. Next week's episode (Part 2) things get even more entertaining as we talk about everything from the BMX Hall of Fame induction (coming up on September 8th, drugs in BMX, John Purse wrestling matches and more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Sorry for the cicadas noise in the background for the 1st little bit, they do go away! Have a great week! - Joe

Episode #46 - Vinny Mannino has to be the most unassuming guy on and off of a BMX bike. He can ride anything, educate you on anything investment related, coach bmx kids, does BMX shows and has a deep appreciation of his family (his father and @bigscottbmx are two of my favorite guys). He really is a pleasure to talk to. Although he is a major part of the Scotty Cranmer YouTube channel, Vinny is very much his own man. If you want a sincere pair of ears to listen to, he is your man.

Episode #45 - Colton Civitello has been a little bit of a mystery to me because we only see each other a few times a year at events and haven't had the time to get to know him. Now I have! So interesting to hear how Colton balances his time between his full time job as a machinist and his part time job as a rider for multiple trick teams....and his hobbies of working on his off road trucks and riding quads. I especially loved that he doesn't consider himself a trails guy even though he rips through some of the hardest trails and contest lines. His specialty is park and he is great at it. He has spent lots of time at the Incline Club before it's closure. If you ever want to book a show for an event or a school program you can contact:

Episode #44 - After a wild few weeks leading up to the #FindYourFight Jam, the dust has settled and Joe got a chance to head down to the beach and have a conversation with two of my favorite hometown dudes, Russ Barone and Kenny Hirsch. I've known these kids a long, long time and have seen them do it all. I am personally stoked to listen to this one ASAP. -Brian

Episode #42 - Information about the upcoming #FindYourFightJam and a brief history of the past 5 years and the jams and event that have been put on to benefit some of the best in BMX. 

Episode #41 - Chris Hallman; These days he is rooted in midstate NY as a carpenter and caring for the most important priority of his life, his daughter Sylvia.  Chris still actively rides and at 46 is riding at a level to be proud running shoes. You will hear that story in this episode. So unconventional sometimes fits as a description of Chris but so does cancer survivor, depression survivor, great father and good friend to many. Enjoy the episode and give him a shout on IG at @hallperson to let him know how much you appreciate him - Joe

Episode #40 - Joe talks to BMX industry mainstay Matt Coplon, of Profile racing among many other things.

Episode #39.2 -Part 2 of the Steve Crandall interview covers a lot of topics in-depth. As always, it's worth the time to listen. Grab a coffee and take it in!

Episode #39 - Part  1 of Joe's sitdown with FBM's Steve Crandall dives into FBM history, Steve's backgound, his announcing gig and more. Steve is about the most BMX as a person can be. Enjoy.

New Episode #38 Part 1 is up with Garrett Byrnes. This is the most impactful interview I have recorded yet. Such a great conversation that I broke the podcast into two parts. Don't miss this one. Real life, real talk. 

New Episode #37 is up with Dave King of Dirt Sculpt LLC. Dave is currently rebuilding and adding tons of BMX and MTB features and courses at the Powder Ridge Bike Park in Middlefield, CT. This also happens to be the site of the Find Your Fight Jam on July 29th! Great listen about Dave's riding history and business.

New Episode #36 is up with Pauly "The Pirate" Cvikevich. We talk about where BMX has brought Pauly throughout his youth and as an adult. These life experiences have brought Pauly to a project of getting bikes to the kids of the Kenyan community that he visited earlier this year. Amazing. I have no doubt he will get it done!

New Episode #35 is up with the International Man of BMX Mystery, Mike Savage. Nearly a 40 year veteran of BMX, Mike talks about his quest to race every track in the country as well as lots of stories of international travel to race around the world.

New Episode #34 is up with the Women of BMX. So much insight from a group of determined women having the time of their lives riding trails. The bond they have formed is so great to see with BMX being the center piece.

New Episode #33 is up with the main diggers of Catty Woods in Catasauqua, PA Chris Janis and Andy Schwartz detail what it's like to run one of the most popular trails in the Country!

New Episode #32 is up with the Potoczny brothers, Mark and Mike. Staples of the Pittsburgh BMX community through the Welcome Jam and the Wheel Mill, these two are amazing!

New Episode #31 is up with Trey Jones, professional BMX rider and creator of the hugely successful Swamp Fest event in Florida. Lots to sink you teeth into here!

New Episode #30 is up with VANS director of global director of merchandising, Sean Methven. If you love BMX and how BMX businesses tick, you will love this one!

Next Generation Jam, Podcast # 29 is up now. Joe interviews a variety of young riders that came out to ride. Over 200 riders under the age of 16 showed up and had a great time. Thanks to The Wheel Mill along with all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped make this such a great event for the younger generation of BMX riders coming up.

New episode is now up. #27 w/Gary Young talking with Joe at the Wheel Mill during their 3 stop Odyssey, Sunday, QBP tour w/Chris Doyle sitting in.

New episode is now up. #26 w/Full Throttle Mike Cottle discussing the salt and the sugar of his BMX experience.

Check out our new page for the annual fundraiser. This year it's the Find Your Fight Jam to benefit the family of Kevin Robinson.

New episode is now up. #25 w/Brian Kachinsky speak with Joe during the recent Winter Welcome Jam at the Wheel Mill about his Uncovered contest series and more.

New episode is now up. #24 w/John Paul Rogers talks about his 30+ year BMX history with Joe at this years' Swampfest jam.